D*Murphy´s Olala

19 november 2000 -03 october 2002

Such a beautiful tortie coloured girl in which I placed al my hope. My pride belonged to that cat.

Friendly and opened to everybody, all friends and visitors immediately loved that little purring sweetheart.

My pain is unbelievable, she took away a piece of my heart.

Ola, I will always remember you.

Your place is empty now but your place in my heart will be there forever. never ever could another cat take that place.

Ola, why? I miss you so much.

Ola passed away on the 3th of October 2002. She had shrunked kidneys from the day of her birth on - something which could not be curred.

The veternary tried to comfort us by saying that she diden`t suffer from PKD but under the circumstaces it really couldn´t cheer us up.

I was there when she was born and I was there when she went to the Rainbow Bridge.

On the 19th of November 2002 she would have been 2 years old.

DK*Tinjaskoven´s white Dronning

17th november 1997 -02th september 2004

She died of a liver infection.


D*Afjord´s Antonia

4th,November 1992 -2th,October 2003

She died of a cancer

N*Ekko av Kokkeplassem

23th february 1995 - 2th November 2006

She died of a blud cancer


D*Murphy´s Anna Lina

31th May 1995 - 14th January 2008

Died by acute kidney problems



23th February 1993- 14 June 2008

We never forget you Murphy

We miss you so much