S*Fridala´s Kayeen

Norwegian Forest cat

born: 03th January 2008

red tabby classic

GSD4 free (n/n)


father: CH S*Just Catnap's Chad

NFO d 09 22

mother: IC S*Fridalas Digitalis,

NFO f 22 , HCM normal


What I should say to you, in search of a black male for a friend, I thought in www Kayeens mother .......... wau ... normaly I like none black tabbys ... (she was not also she was tortie tabby) .... and a dream ... and she expected babies ....! who knows me knows that I so quickly do not buy a cat, but I wrote Gunnel that i´m interessting in a red male.

.... and a few days later he was born, my small Kayeen. Well, only smally is wrong zZ a little bit, he has 2.560 g with 15 weeks. and he have long legs, a look to there in love and very big Lyxntips... you showed this now is with us MUST. For the first time there is nothing to grumble:O), see like he does himself so.

However, the definitely best is his character, he follows me wherever one goes, may simply feed all, act up like, has wrapped my man (husband) already after 2 days around the finger (you know he always says we have enough cats) and has an inserted engine .... always purrs. Simply a fellow to fall in love. Again many thanks in the Gunnel which he may be with us in Germany.

His weight with 3 years is 7200gr...... not fat only big ... long body and hight legs... and so a lot of expression... we love him.

He is a really male... best breeding male at Worldshow Oberhausen April 2011.

Kayeen 6 month


D*Essen 08th, June 2008 V1 + judges Specialprice all NFO + BIS all votes -judge: Mrs.Hungerecker(D)

D*Duisburg 22th, June 2008 V1 + BIV + BIS all votes -judge: O.Drößler (D)

D*Essen 29th, November 2008 V1 + CAC + BIS + BOB +BOAII -judge:Weerts (B)

(all time with all votes)

+ WCF-adult-ringshow-(with 10 month) place 3 -judge:j. Schuller-(Australia)

D*Erkrath 11th, January 2009 V1 + CAC + BIS + BOB +BOAIII -judge:Weerts(B)/ Breuer(D)

(all time with all votes)

+ WCF-adult-ringshow- place 4 -judge: M.Meister(D)

D*Lünen 17th, January 2009 V1 + CAC + BIV judge: Maas(B) +

Euro-Norwegian-Ringshow 42 NFO-Cats place 5 judge: J.Peters(D)

NL*Utrecht 25th, January 2009 V1 + CACIB + BIV+ BIS judge: Leijen(NL)Fridala´s Kayeen BIS Utrecht 2009

D*Gelsenkirchen 7th, March 2009 V1 + CACIB + nominiert BIS judge: M.Meister(D)

D*Gelsenkirchen 8th, March 2009 V1 + CACIB + nominiert BIS judge: D.Meister(D)

D*Duisburg 23th, May 2009 V1 + CAGCIB judge: Breuer(D)

D*Duisburg 6th, June 2010 V1 + CAGCIB + BIS + BOB + BOA

D*Erkrath 9th, October 2010 V1 + CAGCIB + BIV + nominiert BIS judge: Hr.Shigulin (Ukraine)

D*Worldshow Oberhausen 16th, April 2011 V1+ CACE + BIV + BIS + BOB + BOAII judge:K.Knelangen(D).. all time all votes


wow we are so happy


photos at 6th May 2012

follow pictures (C) Fridala´s Gunnel Malmberg